Research and Development

Take an in-depth look at our research on Silicasomes and the utility of the Silicasome platform.

Cancer Chemotherapy Options

The current two leading targets for silicasome-encapsulated cancer therapeutic molecules are:

  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Colon Cancer

As seen in the images, Irinotecan carried by Silicasomes™ (Ir-LB-MSNP) reduced tumor metastasis significantly compared to administering the drug by itself (Free IRIN), and compared to the drug delivered in liposomes (Ir-liposome) in an animal model.

Reduced Tumor Metastasis (bioluminescence imaging)

Silicasome Drug Encapsulation Techniques

Shown below are a few techniques in which we can use Silicasomes for encapsulated delivery therapy.

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Silicasome Drug Encapsulation Techniques